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Gonsalez Brothers
Posted by: Calderon Natividad

Sometimes when things seem the most routine, is when one encounters an obstacle that requires some assistance. This is why I am posting to your forum, as I need to make arrangements for air freight shipping to Malta. So if your company provides this service, and does so from the United States, then please send information to my email address as soon as possible. I have a small shipment that is being prepared at our facility just outside of New York City, New York. Its dimensions are 2 ft long, 1 ft wide, and also 1 ft deep. It weighs less than 54 pounds, including the packaging. When will you make a pickup at our facility? How much do you estimate you will charge to complete this delivery? And when will you deliver it to Malta? Our customer has not requested express delivery. Therefore, express delivery service would be a secondary concern. However, if you do offer express shipping, please include information about that as well. Thanks for sending this information to me as soon as possible.