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Freight machine shipping to Haiti

Loaner Machines To You Inc
Posted by: Gabrielle Otto

Good afternoon. I am with Loaner Machines To You Inc and we are a rent to own heavy machinery company. Our clients use out heavy machinery for many applications such as constriction contracts and the like, making us in high demands for many applications. We have a new customer in Port au Prince, Haiti that we need to ship some inventory to for a construction project that is about to start there. We are based out of Hollywood, Florida so this freight shipment will not be traveling all that far, although it will be going Internationally. Please only respond to this request for bid if you have the proper permits in place at the time that you reply as we can not wait around for you to obtain them after the fact. We need to get these machines out the door as soon as possible so you quick attention to this time crunch will be rewarded.